■ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is this site?

    This site offers a new style of ikebana learning place for Sogetsu teachers. You can watch lectures by Iemoto and master instructors of the HQ via the Internet.

  • Q.I sent an email from the inquiry form, but I receive no reply.

    Please make sure that the email address you entered is correct.

  • Q.What payment methods are available?

    We accept credit card payment, bank transfer, and direct payment at the HQ.
    Accepted credit cards: VISA / MASTER / JCB / Diners / AMEX.
    Payment by credit card is recommended. By bank transfer and direct payment, it may take up to 7 business days before a viewing is available.
    ※With credit card payments, you can watch a video immediately once the payment is approved.

  • Q.When is the timing of credit card withdrawal?

    The date the credit is withdrawn depends on the card.
    For details, please contact your credit card company.

  • Q.What is streaming service?

    It is a technology for watching media files (video, music, audio, etc.) via the Internet.
    Streaming service is the continuous transmission of audio or video files from a server to a client via the Internet.Distribution and viewing are simultaneous.
    ※Internet connection is always required while viewing.
    ※Media files (video, music ,etc.) cannot be downloaded to a PC or smartphone.

  • Q.What kind of Internet access environment do I need to watch?

    You need a device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) connected to the Internet.
    However, playing a large number of videos over a certain period of time may restrict your data capacity or cause a expensive charge.
    We recommend that you watch videos where you have a good internet connection , such as WiFi.
    ※For details, see the "Internet connection required for viewing " section of the start guide.

  • Q.What is on-demand method?

    This is a method that allows viewers to watch their favorite videos whenever they want.
    You can watch the video anytime, anywhere during the distribution period (the period when the video is posted on this site).

  • Q. May I save a video or take a screenshot as a photo?

    This constitutes an infringement of portrait rights and copyright and is prohibited. It will also be punished in some cases.
    Only the STA members , who have paid their due, can watch the videos posted on this site .
    Please refrain from sharing with other people.

For other inquiries, please contact here.