Start guide

Here the information about how to use the site and how to pay.
First, please register as a free member and see the sample. Of course, the registration does not incur any fees.
If you have a favorite video, please proceed to the purchase procedure. The procedure is very easy! Once the payment is completed, you can enjoy the content immediately without having to wait.
★ This site is a streaming distribution service. It cannot be downloaded and viewed.

■Register and create account

Free membership registration
Please register as a free member who can enjoy free videos and trailers.

・Enter the required information and click the "Proceed to next step" button.
There is no charge for membership registration.

・ Once registration is complete, a registration completion email will be sent to the registered email address.

※ If you do not receive the registration completion email, please make an inquiry using the form.
Please contact us.

Make sure the video plays correctly on your device.

・ Please log in with your registered email address and password.
※ To make a smooth login next time, please check the "Remember" box . You won't need to enter your email address next time.
After logging in, please check that you can watch the sample videos on each program without any problems.

※Please note: No refund will be given if you make a purchase in spite of inadequate internet connection or other problem.
Product purchase
If you are satisfied with the contents, proceed to the purchase procedure. Put the product in your shopping cart and go to payment.

1. Credit card payment
【Immediate viewing available * Recommended payment method】
Please complete the payment by filling in the required information.
After the payment is completed, your account will be activated and you will be able to watch the video.

2. Bank transfer
【Please note: It may take up to 7 business days before the points become valid and the viewing is available . ※Payment of Bank Transfer deadline: At least 2 weeks before the end of the availability date. 】
After purchasing points for the amount of the specified service cost, please transfer the purchase amount to the specified account below. After confirming the transfer at the secretariat, the points will be activated, so please use the activated points to use the service.

●Those who transfer from Japan Post Bank
Account code number:00120-5-38836

●Those who transfer from financial institutions other than Japan Post Bank
Bank name: Japan Post Bank
Deposit type: For the time being
Store name: 019 store (Zeroichikiyu store))
Account number: 0038836

Participant name: Sogetsu Kai, Sogetsu Seminar

3. Counter payment
Pay directly at the Sogetsu Kaikan / Member Service Department window (cash only)
Weekdays (Monday-Friday) 9: 30-17: 30 * Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

※Bank transfer and Direct Payment are only available for domestic members (those whose registered address is in Japan). If you live abroad, please choose credit card payment.

Please note : the Sogetsu HQ is unable to respond to inquiries regarding the point service.

■ Forget your password

Please visit the following link to reissue a new password
Reset Password

■ About member withdrawal processing

If you want to unsubscribe, you can do so from My Page while logged in to the site.
You can cancel the contract by following the steps below.
・When canceling the contract, no fees will be paid unless the customer has an unpaid amount.
・ Withdrawal will be immediate withdrawal, and at that point you will lose the viewing authority of the content and you will not be able to watch the monthly video.
・ If you cancel your free membership, you will lose all authority regarding this site and your points will be lost.

Log in to My Page.
・ Click "Withdrawal procedure" on the far right of the menu at the bottom of the member information. The membership withdrawal procedure (confirmation page) will be performed. After confirming, click the "Yes, withdraw" button.

■ Internet connection environment required for playback

To watch the video, you need a broadband high-speed internet connection environment.
*Cannot be used with low-speed line connections such as dial-up and ISDN.
*Since the video is played by streaming method, an internet connection is always required during playback.

Required for playback
Connection line (PC)
Optical fiber connection such as B FLET'S, various ADSL connections (30 Mbps or more recommended)
Broadband connection such as cable TV (CATV)
*The actual line speed must be 1 Mbps or higher.

Required for playback
Connection line (smartphone)
4G (LTE) line, 5G line, WiFi connection
*The actual line speed must be 1 Mbps or higher.
*In cases other than WiFi connection, if you play a large number of videos in a certain period, packet restrictions from carriers will be applied, so we recommend playing with WiFi connection. (For packet restrictions, please contact your mobile phone company.)

■ About delivery method

This site uses a streaming method for video distribution.
In this method, while video data is distributed to your personal computer or smartphone via the Internet,
Since it is played at the same time, it can be played randomly from any time.
* Since the video is played by streaming method, an internet connection is always required during playback.
*Video data cannot be played after it has been downloaded to a PC or smartphone in advance.

■ PC / smartphone environment required for playback

・Operating system Microsoft Windows10 or later / macOS 10.15 or later
・Pentium processor (and compatible CPU) with a clock speed equivalent to 1 GHz or higher * Pentium 4 or higher recommended
・Recommended monitor resolution of 1200 x 720 dots or higher
・Memory: 4GB or more
・High-speed Internet environment equivalent to ADSL 10Mbps or higher * Optical cable connection recommended
・Set JavaScript to "On" and Cookie to "Accept"
Smartphone / iOS device (iPhone, etc.)
・ iOS 13 or above recommended
・ Set JavaScript to "On" and Cookie to "Accept"
Smartphone / Android device
・ Android OS 6.0 or above required * WiFi connection recommended
・Set JavaScript to "On" and Cookie to "Accept"
・Some models do not display the full screen button when playing a video.
*Computer capabilities vary greatly depending on the usage environment, so the above is just a guide and does not guarantee playback.
Also, the above specifications are higher than the general recommended environment.