2022/ 10/ 06

Important/ request for re-registration to the streaming site
Thank you for having registered as a member of the streaming site and your support for us.

We have recently renewed the member registration system of the site.
Due to the security reason, we regret to inform that we are unable to take over the members’ information from the previous system due to the security reason.
We would like to ask you to re-register as a member when next time you visit the streaming site.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you in advance for your kind attention to the matter.

2022/ 10/ 06

Announcement for limited time offer "What's SOGETSU?" series
‘What‘s SOGETSU?’
Let’s explore the Sogetsu of the past to understand the present.
As part of the 'What’s Sogetsu?' project, we will deliver 'Sogetsu through images' in three installments.

The second phase will also feature three treasured videos.

Distribution period: 1 Oct - 30 Nov.
Viewing fee: 1,100 Japanese yen (incl. tax) per each video

Don't miss it !!

2021/ 04/ 30

Important Notice/The Open of English streaming site is delayed

We regret to announce the delay of the opening date of English streaming site for Web Iemoto Seminar..
New opening date will be May 25 , much later than the scheduled date, 1 May.

Some problems arose during the final operational testing and it takes time to confirm them and adjust the site system.
Due to a delay in the start date, the end of the availability date will be postponed to July 26.
The seminar program is available on the new site from May 25 to July 26.
(Note: If you have already purchased the program on the existing site, the end of viewing period is as scheduled; June 30.)

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment caused by this delay.
Please accept our sincere apology for those who were looking forward to May 1.


2021/ 03/ 15

【Mar.15 ~Jun.30】Announcement for WEB IMEMOTO Seminars/


The next Iemoto Seminar Program 3 "Spring Flowers" with English subtitles will come up on 1 April.
Please stay tuned.
For more information, please refer to the newsletter "So" vol. 266.
*Currently, the videos posted on the streaming site are only available in Japanese.


2021/ 03/ 13

Information/ May 1 English Streaming Renewal!

The 3rd program of WEB IEMOTO SEMINAR Good news!
The streaming site for Sogetsu special videos will become more English user-friendly.
From May 1, English-only pages are to be added on the site and you will be able to purchase and watch videos without any stress!
Those who registered for the current streaming service site can use the same log-in information for the new site.
They can still use the existing site, and purchase and watch the videos.